Dealing with all Land interest matters both contentious and non-contentious.

Employment law

Handling all the Labor related matters from settling contracts to handling labor cases.


Litigating all viable claims, handling matters from the Subordinate Courts to the Supreme Court.

Banking & Finance

Handling Bank security documentation and enforcement of the same.

Environmental law

Advising on all matters relating to Environmental Management Act and regulations.

Setting up of trusts

Setting up Trusts for the benefit of Family and Incorporation of Trustees for Association’s and Clubs.


Dealing in all indemnity and guarantee arrangements and covers against less of assets.

Mediation & Arbitration

Specializing in advising on arbitrarily processes as an alternative to litigation including settling.


Dealing with all legal issues arising from death that is Wills and securing Probate in the Family division in the High Court.

Legal drafting

This is essential for all commercial agreements and in line with the Statute of Frauds.